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"Future Haze THCA flower is 40% THC and 100% Sativa! It packs a soaring euphoric punch that will give you a whole new optimistic outlook on life.

Future Haze combines a clear-headed mental lift with an amazing body buzz that’s soothing but not at all sedating. Just a couple puffs will make you feel like you can wad up your worries, toss them into the air, and watch them blow away like glitter in the wind. While the effects are less racy and neurotic than some sativas, you’ll certainly be buzzing with happy energy.

You can tell Future Haze is a super sativa as soon as you set eyes on it or get a whiff of the Jack Here reminiscent aroma. The nugs are a telltale pine tree shape with bright green leaves and a coating of shiny trichomes. The fragrance is pungent earthy with a citrus spicy overtone that turns into a skunky note as the flower burns.

If you’ve been looking for a daytime smoke, this is it! Future Haze has the heavily dominant sativa effects that bring on a heady haze and the motivation you need to get up and go."

Future Haze 3.5g Platinum THCA Flower


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