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CBG Dominant strain with tons of great bennefits.


There actually a really good write up on:

if you would like to know a little more about it.


"This is actually one of my favorites, I personally like to mix it with another Hemp Flower such as Suver or Hawaiian Haze to get that CBG Boost and Still get a good amount of CBD and other terpines." 

** All Bagged hemp flower is packaged in a light proof bag with Authentic Boveda Humidity control pack to keep flower lasting long and perfect the way you would want it.**



*Product Note: CBG carries a much lower moisture content that of CBD or THC dominant flowers. 4%-6% moisture is common. Please be aware prior to purchasing as we will not be able to replace due to "dryness" because thats how CBG is. This strain breaks down into an off-white powder when crushed. which makes it pretty easy to break down.

CBG White 1/8oz


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